Rikka Zimmerman
Speaker, Author, Transformational Leader

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer and began searching for supplemental healing modalities. The Life Vessel helped bring my body back into balance after the taxing immune therapy. I could feel it balancing my hormones, brain chemistry and body back into health. I am truly grateful.”

Sylvia Badasci
Master Trainer of Personal Growth and Development

“My sojourn in India was truly a transformational journey, but unfortunately I returned with some pretty awful parasites. I loved my previous experiences in the Vessel dealing with emotional and spiritual issues. This time I was going for physical healing. The results were significant. After the 3-day protocol, I returned home a new woman; alive, healthy, strong, grounded, and I slept like a baby!”

Dylan Judah
Hit Song Writer & Producer for
Snoop Dogg

“The Life Vessel is truly a miracle healing device. When life’s factors and my own mental challenges had me in a very low place, the healing powers of the Life Vessel pulled me out of the dumps and put me right where I needed to be. It Works! Thank You Stephanie and Becky.”