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Welcome to Life Vessel® Santa Barbara Wellness Center’s new blog! Our intention here is to support your wellness on all levels, including your spiritual growth, and have that process be fun and easy. My friend and business partner, Becky, and I have made growing spiritually our main focus for the better part of our adult lives. So, collectively we have more than 60 years of experience with tools and techniques that have proven effective for spiritual evolution and all-around wellness. In fact, even though this journey has at times been bumpy and arduous, being actively on the path to enlightenment and the challenges that presents is really our idea of a good time!

It was early spring of 2010. Becky returned from one of several trips she’d recently taken to Cottonwood, Arizona, doing something called the Life Vessel. In one of our phone calls with each other she said to me, “We should bring the Life Vessel to Santa Barbara.” My immediate response was, “Yes, we should. But, first, I should experience it!”

The following month, we went together to Life Vessel Arizona. The facilitators there, Jane and Pamela, told me that the Life Vessel will detoxify on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Having just returned from a week’s stay at the Optimal Health Institute in San Diego, I felt pretty confident that the physical detox would not be that intense for me. Sure enough, though, I had an almost immediate experience of an emotional detox: the second evening of my three-day Life Vessel experience, I had an intense bout of fear. While walking my dog that night, I noticed a man out having a smoke. My heart started racing, my mind telling me he was studying me with malicious intent. One difference in this incident was that I “watched” myself entertain the fear and remembered the concept of emotional detox…”maybe this is what Jane was talking about.” She smiled knowingly when I related my story to her the next day. What a cool concept. I was releasing toxic fear from my cells, just like the body rids itself of physical toxins like pesticides and heavy metals.

On my return home, I began to notice a difference in my reactivity. That is, things that would normally trigger an anger response in me just weren’t bothering me as much. I was able to keep my heart open in the face of frustrating interpersonal exchanges much more easily. This could be a result of being less toxic, spiritually. I thought, “Could the Life Vessel be a vehicle for spiritual development? Now I am really interested!”

Just over a year later, our very own Life Vessel arrived in Santa Barbara and Becky and I were in business. It’s a technology that is simple, powerful and effective. Using the Life Vessel primarily to promote spiritual development and wellbeing makes our Life Vessel center unique. One of our master spiritual teachers, Djwhal Khul, who knows the Life Vessel, tells us: (its) “…effect on all the systems of the body is the same as having practiced many years of meditation…” and “…it’s going to spiritually advance the individual.”

We are looking forward to sharing with you the wisdom we’ve gathered over the years about how to stay healthy on all levels. We’ll include our adventures, insights and resources as we explore the possibilities the Life Vessel offers.

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